Ancient Combat Enthusiasts School

ACES teaches a structured martial art, using Western weaponry from the early Renaissance on backwards. Researched from Fightmasters such as Hans Talhoffer, texts such as the Codex Wallerstein, and using up to date knowledge of martial arts and physical instruction, our curricula meld the techniques and weapons of the past with modern methods and ingenuity. Our goal is to bring Medieval weapons training to everyone who wants to learn.

Our Curriculum

We offer three levels of class involvement: curriculum, safety sparring, steel sparring. Our martial art is based on strength and stamina, rather than agility and speed, but the potential for more aerobic exercise is present in our safety sparring class. We assume that a new student has never held a sword – or staff, or pike – and will be trained from the basics up. We take pride in turning no one away. Do you have a physical limitation such as bad knees, ankles, or wrists? We will work with you and modify training so you can learn. Are you hesitant or nervous about trying something new and different? We encourage and support all our students and we believe you will learn to love our sport. If you want to learn medieval fighting, we want to teach you!

30 day/one month free trial!

Please contact Dame Jennifer for more information about classes.

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Practice Schedule

Our classes meet every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. If you're interested in coming by to observe a class please call, text or email Dame Jennifer to arrange the best time.


1st & 2nd Rank Classes

1 pm - 2 pm

Sparring Class

2 pm - 3 pm

3rd & 4th Rank Classes

3 pm - 4 pm


All Students Class

3pm - 4pm

Safety Class

4pm - 4:30pm

3rd & 4th Rank Classes

4:30pm - 5pm


Our practices are held at the Octagon MMA & Fitness Gym in Greensboro, NC.

5715-B W Market St | Greensboro, NC 27409